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  1. Внес депозит, через 1.5 часа все было готово! Удачи в бизе дедуля, будем работать🤑
  2. Hello would you please tell me for cashout of 500$ how much you take?
  3. Hello sir it is possible for you that i give you a picture and you make a selfie with a note?
  4. Hello Sir may i know how much is the rate? --- Сообщения были объединены 18 фев 2019, Original Post Date: 18 фев 2019 ---i mean for 500Euro how much should i pay you?
  5. i did not see the cost from start of topic --- Сообщения были объединены 17 фев 2019, Original Post Date: 17 фев 2019 ---
  6. can we talk on telegram? i have some questions about revolut